SmarterPlan at SIMI 2019


SIMI: SmarterPlan unveils its “3D Building Intelligence” a comprehensive solution to facilitate the management of existing buildings.

Focusing on the real estate asset management segment, SmarterPlan is deploying an innovative “Building Intelligence 3D” solution, in other words a “digital twin of the building” for property managers, investors, occupiers and maintenance companies. This tool, which delivers a 3D model of buildings and their technical equipment, gives access to a “as-built” digital cartography of the existing facilities, allowing simple, quick and efficient consultations for all buildings stakeholders and, in the long term, an update of their technical assets. With this turn-key platform, asset managers access a unique solution for management, decision support and marketing that is specifically designed for them. Stakeholders can freely control the operational and economic levers of a sector that amounts to 32 billion euros per year in France (maintenance and improvement work on built assets).