Make building management simpler with a smarter digital twin

A 3D management platform that operates your built assets both remotely and in real time

With its innovative 3D Building Intelligence solution, SmarterPlan allows for the digitalization of a 10,000 sqm building in just a few days, for an instant return on investment, and performs advanced processing and algorithms to integrate key datapoints within the virtual model. Gain highly valuable time on your digital twin projects, as current solutions often take several weeks or even months to complete.

Quick digitalization of your office building (up to 10 000 sqm in 1 week)

Solution integration within a few days

Annual global cost starting at 1€ HT per sqm

A two-tiered offer to start with the right Digital Twin solution

Services included by package

SmarterPlan Essential

SmarterPlan Platform

  • Controlled building data access by user profile
(standard) (advanced)
  • Ticketing module for collaboration and information sharing
  • Integration of external tools and data sources
  • Advanced incident and intervention management module
  • Artificial Intelligence module for automated 3D equipment detection

FROM 1€ /year and digitalized sqm, VAT excl

  • 1 year minimum subscription
  • 3D immersive virtual tour
  • 2D plans in standard file formats
  • Up-to-date and complete mapping of your building
  • An online service, including comment and incident management features, along with response tracking


FROM 2€ /year and digitalized sqm, VAT excl

  • 3 years minimum subscription
  • Full functionalities of SmarterPlan Essential: 3D reality tour, 2D plans in standard market formats, …
  • Connection with your building’s operating databases
  • Access to the enhanced features of Advanced SmarterPlan based on different profiles (administrator, technician, occupant)